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Railing Rental in Massachusetts

Falls are the most common cause of work related injuries and deaths. Most fatal falls occur when no fall protection is in place. As a building owner you are required by law to provide a safe workplace that's designed to prevent workers from falling off of roofs and overhead platforms, or into holes or skylights on the roof surface.

“GSS provides railing rentals that are designed to prevent falls and reduce injuries.”

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OSHA requirements for Fall protection 

It's Not Just About Skyscrapers OSHA requires fall protection for all buildings. Fall protection is necessary when there is a chance of falling more than 4 ft. in general industry, or 6 ft. in a construction setting.
OSHA requires fall protection regardless of the height and fall distance when a worksite is above dangerous equipment and machinery.

Guard Rails/Fall Protection Are Requirements

Building owners and employers must provide fall protection by law
around every elevated open-sided platform or floor. Guard rails are required if workers are in a situation in which they could fall onto dangerous equipment or material.

RailGuard Railing Features

• 16 gauge welded steel rail and powder coated for durability<
• Standard yellow or in a variety of colors
• 90 pound four-socket cast bases for flexibility and ease of installation
• Meets OSHA 1910.23(c)
• Choice of base transporter options to ease transportation and storage
• Built-in toe board pockets and carrying handles
• 90 or 45 degree turns


Guard Railing Rental For Any Job

The railings come in 5ft., 7ft., and 10ft. sections; they can be configured in a multitude of ways and can be set up for hundreds of feet. The rails are 42" high and can be placed right at the roof edge, giving workers plenty of lateral movement. They're counter-weighted and tough against all kinds of weather.

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GSS can perform a job hazard inspection, assess your situation, recommend the railings you need, install them, and take them down. We can recommend and install permanent railings as well.
Find out what kinds of railings you need for your next project.
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