"Tomorrow: your reward for working safely today."

~Attributed to Robert Pelton





As an administrative assistant at GSS my goal is to keep the business office running smoothly while managing all types of new projects that might come up and are essential to keep being the best company in the industry. My responsibility is to specifically administrate all office functions by maintaining specialized reports, important records and files that are needed to help us connect with our valuable customers. Also, I may provide backup support and assistance to other departmental staff such as sending mails, billing or creating any type of documents that has to do with our current projects, clients and or vendors.
“My personal experience and training have come from more than one industry over the years which have helped me grow and perform my best as an office assistant. From working in the medical field to hospitality and food administration for more than 10 years.

I moved to Boston from Puerto Rico 7 years ago. My transition here has been arduous and challenging. However, being bilingual has been a blessing as I am able to communicate tasks with our diverse team members. It’s been really useful since I get to work with our on-site Iron workers and Window washer in Spanish to help assist and communicate any regulations to ensure the best quality work gets done.

It takes the best team, to do the best job.

Our team of highly trained industry professionals are trained and equipped to tackle any task you need done.