Facade and Fire Escape Inspections

Inspection, Testing, Pictures and Final Report

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Facade and Fire Escape Inspections

Required every five (5) years by State code

  • Inspection, testing, pictures and final report
    • Via Drone
    • Via Aerial Boom
    • Via Bosun Chair
  • Our services are performed by licensed Professional Engineer
  • We file all appropriate forms with the locality
  • Client will receive a stamped letter with inspection results

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Every building must have two separate forms of egress. Fire escapes are one of the more common forms of egress and people often take them for granted.

How would your fire escapes hold up?

Find out by getting in touch with GSS for a fire escape inspection. As foremost safety experts, we know how important this type of inspection is. We'll send out one of our licensed Professional Engineers to do a thorough examination and overview of your entire fire escape system -- from performing necessary tests, to discovering visual and hidden repairs that are needed. The inspection generally takes about 1-2 hours and when it's finished, you'll receive a full, detailed report, with a final approved report stamped by the engineer.

Fire escapes need to be 100% operable, and GSS can help make sure that's the case with your building. Because people's lives are at stake.


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