Davit Pedestal Field Test Procedure

GSS is one of the very few safety companies in New England that performs Davit Load Testing

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Davit Pedestal Field Test Procedure

General Safety Services now performs comprehensive field/load testing on any of your building’s davits. We'll have a PE witness the testing of each davit base using state of the art deflection gages, and then the PE will write a report and stamp it. If any davits don't pass the test, we can do the repairs and re-test until all criteria are met. 


Davit Field Testing


GSS Can Install and load test davit base supporters

• Testing meets OSHA requirements 

• We'll have a PE set up criteria, and witness testing

• Successful testing results in PE issuing a written, stamped report

• If any davits don't pass, we'll asses and complete repairs, and re-test

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