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The Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

Posted by Amy Westebbe

Spring is warm and refreshing, and it’s time for your windows to shine again. Winter makes it difficult, impractical, or impossible to clean windows in larger buildings or hi-rises. During those months, however, your windows are taking a beating. A high quality commercial window cleaning company can make all the difference, and the benefits go beyond letting the sun shine in. Book Now

Extend Window Life with Regular Window Cleaning


One of the key reasons why window cleaning is so important is that it can prevent damage to glass. If dirt, grime and debris is swirling around or adhering to your windows, the particles can scratch the surface. Also, stains become more and more stubborn. The more time goes by, the more damage is done--and the harder it is to get a perfectly flawless result when a cleaner is finally called.

Google-3_Window_Washers_-_Cleaning_the_Westlake_Center_Office_TowerOther than plain old dirt, there are more insidious culprits that can cut the life of your windows short. Oxidation, acid rain and pollution, paint runoff, hard minerals, old window gaskets and eroded window glazing can cause permanent damage if not cleaned properly on a regular basis. They may also cause that the white, streaky or cloudy haze that prevents you from seeing those lovely spring blossoms outside. It’s best to be proactive by getting windows cleaned on a regular basis by a commercial window cleaner that is equipped to remove especially tough environmental stains.

Maintenance Is Less Expensive Than Glass Replacement

Window frames, gaskets, and sealants may not last as long as the window glass itself, but ongoing maintenance costs are less expensive than replacing an entire window system.  In the same way, regular maintenance of your window glass is certainly less expensive than replacing them.

Commercial Window Cleaning Companies Keep You Safe

Spring may rejuvenate you, but that’s no reason for home owners, small business owners, or their employees to try and reach high or hard to access areas. Ladders are a notorious danger, and chances are you don’t have the proper safety equipment to prevent injury, or even a potentially fatal fall. Climbing up and down can make anyone tired, making it more likely that you’ll slip or trip while trying to reach various areas of your windows.

Professionals have the experience, equipment, products and training to do the job safely, rather than having you risk bodily harm. Professional rigging and scaffolding make it possible to reach the places you can’t. Being licensed and in compliance with OSHA and other regulations ensure that your windows will be cleaned and disinfected in the safest possible way and using the newest techniques.

Maintain a Customer-Ready Appearance

Google-2-men-cleaning-windows-commercialLet’s just ask one simple question: Who wants to walk into a grimy looking building? The condition of street-front windows in particular makes a huge difference in how potential customers feel about walking in the door. For business owners, shining windows provide a bright, inviting, and professional place for customers to shop or do business. For building owners, sparkling windows may signal that the location is well maintained by a responsible landlord, a desirable quality for any business owner who is considering where to rent space.

It’s Time for Your Windows to Get a Spring Cleaning

Google-2-men-cleaning-windows-commercialWhen it comes to windows in commercial building, it’s cost-effective to be proactive with regular cleaning, not to mention that a new blast of spring sunshine will do everyone good. Choose a commercial cleaning company that uses the safest techniques, equipment, and tools in the industry. General Safety Services’ spotless reputation, priority on safety, and unparalleled service make us the choice for commercial window cleaning in New England. Bookings are available for your spring window cleaning!



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