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How to Prevent Falls at Your Job Site

Posted by Nardine Bellew

Scaffolding and ladders can be a construction worker’s worst enemy. Without proper safety equipment, they are putting themselves at risk for the #1 cause of construction fatalities—falls. With one of every three construction deaths being the result of a fall, it’s an employer’s responsibility to provide proper protection.Contact Us

This OSHA video shows the danger of poor safety practices, which can result in disaster. Danger #1: A worker is cutting siding on the scaffolding that has no rail.  Danger #2: Another employee is working on a ladder set up on top of scaffolding. Danger #3: Neither worker is using personal fall equipment, such as a harness and lifeline. What happens? Find out by watching the video.

Following OSHA’s fall guidelines can mean the difference between life and death. As an employer, it’s up to you to do all you can to keep your employees from becoming another statistic.



Give GSS a call and find out how we can inspect, repair, and certify your roof to make your building safe, keep your workers safe, and meet OSHA standards required by federal law.

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