About GSS

It All Started With Safety

Our Founder, Nardine Bellew, heard one too many stories about fall-related injuries and fatalities, and was determined to make a significant change in the window washing industry.

Starting with just $500 in her pocket and borrowed equipment, Nardine's journey began with her own modest window washing company. Her son was a high-rise window washer and knowing the risks involved and lack of knowledge on the part of the managers and owners, she had a very personal concern for safety on the job. And so, Fall Protection Systems became an integral part of her window washing business. In 2004, Nardine joined forces with Reg Ranahan, our General Manager, and launched GSS as you know it today.

Because of its reputation for safety standards and quality work, GSS expanded its services. After just one year in business, we became a certified Woman-Owned Business (WBE), which was not very common at that time. We're proud to say that we've become a leader in window cleaning as well as fall protection, offering inspections, safety rail rentals, installation, and helping companies become compliant with OSHA standards and regulations.

Today, GSS is home to 30 employees who take safety very seriously because it's personal. As end users of our own fall protection systems, we care about the lives of all workers, because they are not just employees. They're our brothers, sons, and our friends.

We’re growing!

GSS is looking for people who share our passion for a safe workplace, who know the importance of reliability and responsibility, and who want to be part of this dynamic – and fun – workforce.

Want to join our team? We’d love to learn about your skills and how you can help be a part of what makes us a great place to work.

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